At Root&Stem, our most important job is to cultivate relationships with our clientele that are based on trust, education and listening. We understand that needs and visions are unique to each individual and it is our goal to make sure we stay true to creating an open and long-lasting connection with each of our clients to ensure that each vision is met.


Our team of experts are here to help make the best decisions based on needs, budget and what makes sense. We’ll show you what is possible and why. We’re also not shy to tell you what is not possible. When it comes to your landscape our objective is complete satisfaction. Through educating our clientele we strive to expand the horizons of what one believes is possible.


After building a relationship and translating a vision, big or small, into a concrete plan, the most lasting impact in the whole process is to bring that plan to fruition. Whether it is weekly maintenance, or a complex installation, when it comes time to execute any job, at Root&Stem we want the results to speak for themselves.

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