Watering Suggestions For New Plants

Plants should be watered immediately after installation. At the time of installation, it is recommended to apply mulch as well to help reduce weeds and help maintain moisture. Mulch should not be built up at the base of the plant but spread around the root section.

After installation, watering should occur twice a week for the first three months. Watering is recommended to be done in the mornings before the sun gets hot (before 10AM) or in the late afternoon (after 5PM). It is important to water the root ball areas of your new plants and not over the top portions of the plants/trees.

After the first three-month period, watering once a week for the remainder of the season is best. Please note to adjust on hot or wet weather days accordingly. Also adjust your watering based on the sun exposure for the area (shady locations will take longer to dry out). Remember not to overwater also, as root systems need air to survive and need a time to dry out in-between these recommended watering’s.

Please note during a drought period it is important to water all your plants and turf (new and established) in order to protect them from shock or death.

During the establishment period of approximately 2 weeks, you should water 2-3 times per day for about 5-10 minutes with a spray nozzle (mist) or similar. The best time to water is in the morning before the sun gets hot or late afternoon.

New seed is best kept moist but not wet. Do not allow your seed to dry out. Do not water as to cause pooling or run-off. Seed kept in the sun will dry out faster than those added to shady locations.

(Note: Do not apply any weed killer during this time as the chemicals cannot differentiate weed seed from grass seed. Keep your grass seed safe and wait until establishment.)

After germination, continue to water 2 times a week. Do not mow newly seeded lawn until the height reaches 2-3 inches. After establishment be sure to keep the turf on a regular program for a successful lawn. (It is best to fertilize 4-6 weeks after germination.)

Once new sod has been laid it is important to keep foot traffic off the sod (including pets) for the first few weeks. During the 2-week establishment period, watering should be done twice per day for approximately 30 minutes. It is best to keep the sod moist but not oversaturated. During week 3, reduce watering to once every second or third day. Once established, continue to water approximately 2 times per week depending on how the area is drying out in-between watering. Refrain from mowing the new turf until it reaches approximately 3 inches and then mow on the highest setting the first mow.

After establishment be sure to keep the turf on a regular program for a successful lawn. (It is best to fertilize 4-6 weeks after germination.)

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