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The North Shore's Homegrown Landscape Design, Install, And Maintenance Company.


Root&Stem is a Highland Park based, full-service landscape design, install and maintenance company with over 50 years of combined experience. Specializing in creating and maintaining landscapes throughout the North Shore, our team of professionals is committed to providing dependable and exceptional service across the board.

As a full-service landscape business, we pride ourselves on being accessible from the beginning of a project through to completion. Our goal is to build trustworthy relationships with our clients through accessible and insightful communication. The end result being a stress-free experience and fully-realized vision.

Each landscape is unique, and every project a shared vision. Not only between us and you, but also the environment. We are committed to being the best stewards of our environment we can, and we are fully committed to offering the most earth-friendly options that are available to us.

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